So addictive your taste buds will scream for more!
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Welcome to Italian Fusion!
Now it's your time to create unforgettable salads, meals and appetizers for yourself, friends and family, with Italian Fusion.
This extremely versatile dressing can be used to make garden salads, pasta salads, potato salad, and many more. Use it as a meat marinade on beef, poultry or pork. Discover the heavenly flavor that the dry, season, mix adds to meat or veggies when used as a rub. Your sandwiches will be the hit of the party when you pour on Italian Fusion.

Need an easy appetizer? It works great as a dipping sauce too!

When you use Italian Fusion, people will think you're a gourmet chef.
It tastes A-Mazing, is all Natural and contains no MSG, sugar or colors. Who needs fast food when you can make a GREAT and HEALTHY food fast?
So, INFUSE some Italian into your meals today.
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